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When you think “Vegan” what comes to mind? A plant-based diet full of boring foods? Maybe a bunch of “weak” hungry people moping around? Well none of its true! And my new food and lifestyle show called, Plant-Based by Nafsika is changing the entire perspective. Throughout the season, we will engage our viewers with cooking demonstrations, doctors, nutritionists, celebrities, fashion, and entertainment. While we strive to show the world all the benefits and fun of living a Vegan way of life. From protecting our wildlife to strengthening physical and mental health, Plant-Based by Nafsika is about to change everything!

The Struggling Vegan

We Make it No Struggle At All!A “vegan challenge” catering company where we deliver your freshly cooked meals to your home or work every day for 14 or 28 days. (You choose.) We have a delicious menu featuring various cuisines of your choices and can even cater to your specific diet. (Low carb, high protein, etc.) *Feature a menu/photos from the website.Visit for more info and begin your vegan challenge today! We do all the work, so that it is no struggle for you

uAlert, Personal Safety App

Designed to be a complete emergency response system, uAlert is an ingenious app that locks into your smartphone’s GPS – it gives your precise location and raises an immediate alert for assistance. uAlert comes pre-programmed with your local authorities phone numbers and can be instantly reached by pressing an onscreen “Hi” button. Once the call is made to the police a short video recording from your phone’s camera is initiated and sent to the uAlert monitoring center as well. Plus our team can communicate with the user/victim in real-time. But it gets even better. For an additional cost, uAlert offers a scheduled security service exclusively through our app. uAlert is perfect for student, concerned parent … anyone looking to add an extra layer of safety to their lives!

People Against Violence Org.

People Against Violence Org. is a newly established non-profit organization with offices in Canada and the U.S. that was founded in 2014 to prevent violence and assist victims worldwide. We offer free services to those who sign up as members, including 24-hour phone counseling, self-defense classes, and alternative accommodations. A major component of our organization is our Protection Program, which includes the very helpful uAlert mobile app, designed specifically for our program.

Pilaros Inc.

Pilaros International Trading Inc. is the leading importer of Mediterranean food products from Greece, Italy, and Spain in North-America. Serving Canada and the U.S. from coast to coast, we supply several major supermarket chains, distributors and ethnic stores with the best olive oil in the market.

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uAlert, weProtect!

How it works

uAlert is a true emergency response system that uses your phone’s gps to locate you and, when you raise an alert, sends help your way. It is a “system” because there are teams of people actually involved; it isn’t a mere self-functioning app. This is what differentiates this app from all other personal safety apps. It has been designed to offer the fastest and most efficient response in the event of an attack, notifying your friends and family, our center and the local police. It also gives you access to 24/7 crisis phone counselling.

When the “Hi’ alert button is pressed, not only is the police number in your designated country set up to dial out, but a video recording begins automatically and a short video is submitted to our center. You have the option to send more video if you are able to.

Upon login, user is redirected to home screen, where his/her current location is indicated on a map, and the medium andhigh alert buttons are ready for use.
Medium Alert :
When clicked on “Med”, an alert notification is sent to our Center and the user’s Trackers (emergency contacts)
High Alert :
When clicked on “Hi”, an alert notification is sent to our Center, the user’s Tracker and a call is automatically made to the local police.

We have a team of personnel standing by for assistance and can communicate directly with the user/victim. They are trained crisis intervention counselors and are available by phone 24/7. What’s more, with the “assistU” feature, we are able to offer scheduled security services exclusively through our app. (The only feature where there’s an additional charge.)

Additional free features include User Check-In, Missing Child Poster, My Diary, smart watch compatibility (where you can alert us even more quickly) and much more. It even has internal reporting and statistics that could help us identify the specific social problems on a global level.

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